The Owners

Kansas City Southern
KCS was founded in 1887 and today operates as one of the USA’s Class I railroads. In June 1997, KCS’ 4,100 km USA network virtually doubled with their Transportes Ferroviarias Mexicanas (TFM) joint venture concession for the operation of Mexico’s major rail network with primary track extending North-South between Mexico City and Laredo. Today, KCS has over 6,000 employees and because of its CANADA-USA-MEXICO marketing orientation is known as the NAFTA RAILWAY

Mi-Jack Products

Mi-Jack Products was founded near Chicago in 1955 as a material handling company and soon became a leader in the manufacture and supply of container and trailer handling equipment designed for use at rail intermodal and port facilities world wide. In the early 1980’s, Mi-Jack branched out into the terminal operations business. Today its In-Terminal Services Group is the leading independent intermodal operator responsible for over 60 rail intermodal terminals in the USA and Mexico accounting for over four million annual lifts. Mi-Jack is a worldwide company with over 1,500 employees.